Founder, Hannah Lewis

I’m in love with brilliant ideas. I’m Hannah Lewis, founder of Behave London. I believe that brilliant ideas, backed by science, can change the world. Whether you’re a pension scheme helping your members save, or a marketing manager who wants copy that kicks competitors to the curb, I'm totally with you. 

I set up Behave London to indulge my passion for problem solving using behavioural science. 

There are two things I found accidentally in life - financial services, and behavioural science. As a child I dodged maths and science equally, preferring to make things instead - painting, sculpting, writing. A rogue temp job in my early twenties found me working in the city, alongside economists and fund managers. It was those financial minds who patiently took the time to explain difficult financial concepts to stem my endless questions (ENDLESS. QUESTIONS.).**

I didn't realise it at the time, but I was learning to translate. To take the jargon and turn it into English. Which turns out is an excellent basis for being an investment writer. And then being head of investment communications. And then head of investment marketing.

At one point, I found myself reading a book on how cult brands are like cult religions. This lead me to reading a whole host of popular books on behavioural economics and psychology, followed by a heap of dry textbooks (SO. DRY.). A few years later I emerged on the other side, armed with new behavioural-geek friends, a prescription for contact lenses, and an utterly fascinating view of the world. 

Behavioural economics, or as I prefer to think of it, applied psychology, can be used to help almost any process which involves humans and how they interact with the world. It's the perfect set of tools for solving problems. For fixing things. For making things better. 


**I still maintain that if you want to learn what derivatives are, your best bet is to watch Eddie Murphy in Trading Places!

ps I also run a monthly network for Women in Pensions