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Born from a love of solving problems, and being fascinated by human behaviour, Behave London came to life in 2014.  Our clients range from huge financial companies, to our friend's restaurant. We like to create research which makes a difference (helping people to save, and make better financial decisions) and solving problems. The real kicker is that we like to make things better. Better marketing, sales, pricing, research. We know a lot about how the mind works, and when we don't know...we bring in the right experts, so that they can teach us. The organ that you use to make decisions, that complex brain of yours, is a brilliant piece of evolution, but it's also got some truly ancient software. Let us show you how to hack your mind.

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Excellent service and a great resource. The guidance and insight Behave London brought to our communications saw a marked improvement in member responses, resulting in a better than expected take-up by Members.
— Simon Hodges, Fluor Limited. Pensions Insight HR & Reward Pensions Champion 2017
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Hannah Lewis live with Lynda Whitney from Aon Hewitt and Paul Todd from NEST 6 February 2018 for Corporate Adviser.



Hannah Lewis talking on the panel about Trustee Behaviours and Biases at the PLSA Investment Conference in Edinburgh in March 2017.


Letter from the Founder

Hello you.

I’m in love with brilliant ideas. I’m Hannah Lewis, founder of Behave London. I believe that brilliant ideas, backed by science, can change the world. Whether you’re a pension scheme helping your members save, or a marketing manager who wants copy that kicks competitors to the curb, I'm totally with you. 

I set up Behave London to indulge my passion for problem solving using behavioural science. 

There are two things I found accidentally in life - financial services, and behavioural science. A rogue temp job in my early twenties landed me working in the city, alongside economists and fund managers. Now, I'd been driving my parents mad for years with my endless questions. Well, not just my parents. So the fund managers and economists got the same treatment, as I asked "But WHY does that happen?" about, well, everything. 

I didn't realise it at the time, but I was learning to translate. To take financial jargon and turn it into English. At some point in the early 2000's I became fascinated by consumer psychology and why people buy. Once I'd read all the popular books on behavioural economics and psychology, and eaten a heap of textbooks on how people make decisions, I was still thirsty for more. I found a small group of behavioural geeks via a meetup - and we'd talk about how we wanted to APPLY these theories in the real world, rather than keeping the secrets locked up in academic journals. I tried to innovate from the inside, but it was hard to get buy-in to those early projects.

In 2014, I couldn't ignore it anymore - I had a burning desire to USE what I'd learned. Frustrated at the lack of innovation in financial services, I quit the city to work on applying behavioural science to written communication, and promptly scored my first client...a financial powerhouse. In the early days I thought I'd be a writer using psychology, but it turns out that having worked with the financial sector for 20 years, I'm in a unique position to help solve some of the problems we've long been aware of. I'm constantly humbled by what we've managed to achieve in such a short space of time, and excited about the research we're doing and it's potential impact to improve people's lives.

Behavioural economics, or as I prefer to think of it, applied psychology, can be used to help almost any process which involves humans and how they interact with the world. It's the perfect set of tools for solving problems. For fixing things. For making things better. 

I implore you - go find something to make better, and have a crack at it. It's fun.


PS I still maintain that if you want to learn what derivatives are, your best bet is to watch Eddie Murphy in Trading Places!

PPS I also run a monthly network for Women in Pensions 

PPPS I won a Highly Commended for Role Model of The Year at Professional Pensions inaugural Women In Pensions awards in June 2018. Despite the Behave team voting me most like to Win A Hangover. 


Women in Pensions Network

Hannah Lewis set up the The Women In Pensions network in October 2015, and our members include trustees, and employees from asset management, consultants, lawyers, journalists, and non-profits. 

We meet once a month in London for Prosecco and laughing, and we're open to you starting a local chapter wherever YOU are. For more details and a list of all the events, head to www.womeninpensions.org.

As of April 2018, we number over 300 members, which isn't bad - we started in the pub with 8! Do sign up to get updates on monthly events, and you can alway get in touch with us if you'd like to get more involved than just events. 

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