Maximising Trustee Decisions

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We love what we do - helping people make better decisions, and make better communication, using behavioural science. We helped trustees make better decisions with Aon Hewitt's Trustee Checklist.

Our brief was to look at how Defined Benefit (DB) trustees make investment decisions, and the behavioural biases that are involved. We talked to Aon's own consultants, ran a focus group with some super-smart trustees, and using Atul Gawande's Checklist Manifesto as an inspiration, we created a Trustee Checklist. Then we ran tests to make sure it really worked - and it does! Our aim was to help trustees make fewer biased decisions - and we're happy to report that we saw a big boost when Trustees had a checklist to hand.

The Checklist will help you look at your own behavioural biases when making investment decisions in a group, but it might help give you an edge in your other meetings, too.

You can find more information about the Trustee Checklist on Aon's website, and read the background to the research.

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Trustee Training

Behavioural Science in Pension Investment and Communication

Our public behavioural workshop is for trustees of large schemes to learn all about behavioural science. Learn how it applies to you and your scheme - full details are on our sister website:

In-house bespoke trustee training is also available on request.

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Pension communication is tricky

You have an inkling, an idea, a notion. That your member marketing could be better. That your member communications should be more engaging. That there must be a way to work out how to make your words work.

Behavioural science has the answers. By applying psychology to communication you can measure the results. The kind of results that CEO’s like. The science can tell you:

·      Which words work

·      How to get your members to take action

·      Why asking people what they want is problematic

·      How to make better decisions in trustee meetings

·      Why your glossy brochure may be working against you

Unlike your standard writing agency, this isn’t based on our opinion. It’s based on fact. Science. Testing. We’re a behavioural insight agency – we take your problem apart, your comms apart, using science. So that when we put it all back together again, it works better and you get the results you need.

That’s the science of communication. It’s what we do

Pension Research

We created the Gender Age & Pension Savings research for sponsors State Street Global Advisors and The People's Pension.

The research details how the right messaging can make a huge difference to member communication.

You can download it here.

There are two ways to influence behaviour. Covert. And Overt

If you were trying to stop people speeding you could place a hump in the road, an overt way of slowing them down. 

You might also paint the road markings closer together, to make them slow down without realising why (it simply feels faster). That's a more covert measure. 

We create research with an outcome in mind. To help you manage your internal processes - or as an interesting piece of marketing you can shout about.   

  • Sometimes you need to solve a problem, but you're not exactly sure what that problem is.
  • Sometimes you want to wow your clients with fresh insights, but you don't have the team to deliver those insights.
  • Sometimes you think you know the answer...but you don't know how to test it.
  • Sometimes you need someone else to do the thinking for you. 
  • If you would like bespoke research, we do that.

Whether it's research you wish to publish under your company name, or you want us to do it (and shout about it), get in touch.

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Public Speaking

Need an interesting talk? A lively panel debate? We do that.

We also run bespoke workshops and trustee training.

Hannah Lewis is available for public speaking - if you would like a lively and engaging talk for your upcoming event, please get in touch. Hannah picked up a Highly Commended for Role Model of the Year at Professional Pensions in June 2018. You may have heard her on the radio recently - in May 2019 she was featured on BBC Radio Tees, Radio Cardiff, BBC Somerset and on talkRADIO chatting to Penny Smith about why people don’t trust robots (and ROBO-Advice).

2018 Talks




Hannah Lewis, Lynda Whitney of Aon and Paul Todd of NEST discussing the Psychology of Pension Saving for Corporate Adviser 

Here's a snippet of Hannah at the PLSA Investment Conference in Edinburgh March 2017 in the "TRUSTEE BEHAVIOURS AND BIASES" session, with Aon Hewitt and Ruston Smith.

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