The trouble with people is they don't always tell the truth. They often don't know WHY they really do the things they do. You have to investigate why that is, and sometimes it calls for a stealthier kind of research.

Behavioural economics has become mainstream, and many people have read books like Nudge and Thinking Fast and Slow. The application has dragged behind, however. You might have been told you "need to be aware" of cognitive biases. That they are important. Doesn't really help you though, does it?

You need to know what action to take

You can employ behavioural insights and use behavioural principles to make sure your strategy works. We can show you how,


Done-for-you research - when you want to get attention

Perhaps you want an interesting piece of research that you can talk about - an fascinating concept that you can build your marketing campaign around. Chat to us about a challenge you have, whether that's increasing market share, or awareness of your product. We'll help you decide on a strategy to get you what you need, and create research which will bring you press attention. 

Solve a problem - fix an internal issue in your business

Sometimes you've got a business problem you need fixed, but it's about working out what's going wrong internally, and fixing it. Tell us about the behaviour you'd like to change, what you want people to do, or understand. Then let us do the rest. We'll create a solution that'll get you back on track. Whether your sales and marketing departments are at war, or you want your staff to recycle, there are tactics you can use to solve the problem, without anyone having to know.